Tuesday, June 6, 2017

February 27th, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

Our journal is behind a week or two and we are on a plane back from Curacao after spending a week filled with church business and family fun. We began the trip by escorting three sisters to Curacao to begin assignments there. They were all from different countries and it was a small miracle that we were able to have them make it through the tightened immigration processes we face throughout the mission. After getting them situated, Dad and I headed to the hotel to prepare for meetings over the weekend.

Saturday morning we took the missionaries to breakfast at Denny’s. It was a “grand slam” for the missionaries. Later that afternoon, Cameron, Tiffany and the girls arrived and we had five wonderful days with them.

On Sunday, Dad and I spoke in church. Dad spoke in Papiamento, which is always a hit with the congregation and I had one of our missionaries translate.  Doug and Nancy Knight were on the island with business rewards and we were able to see them at Sacrament Meeting. It was a great reunion.

I took Cam and his family back to the hotel after the meetings and Dad stayed to meet with the branch president, interview our missionaries and conduct member needs. He got back in time to walk to the plaza for the Children’s Carnival Parade that evening.
On Monday, we stayed around the hotel and got acquainted with the beach and pool areas and all the waiters and waitresses in the restaurants. Piet is a special waiter who has become a good friend. He wears a vest covered in collector pins. The girls each brought him a pin for his vest and he was really touched. He has angel Moroni on his shoulder, the temple over his heart, a Snowbird pin on his chest and a just “Moosin’” around pin waiting for the right spot! He makes the dining room so much fun.

Tuesday we went to the aquarium and to Mambo Beach.  We got more than our share of sun, fun and food. When we got back to the van, the battery was dead and a very nice security guard gave us a jump and we were on our way. The next morning we were headed to the Ostrich farm and the girls had a crash course about this crazy bird and also took a ride on an ostrich. That evening Dad and I took Londyn and Dylan out teaching with our missionaries. They both did an excellent job as sister missionaries. Each had an opportunity to bear their testimony, read a scripture and say a prayer. It was a proud Papa and Grammy moment to watch these little sister missionaries in action.

Thursday morning Dad interviewed the elders and the rest of us made sure we kept eating and enjoying the last few hours of surf and sand. We headed back to Port of Spain late that afternoon and Cam and his family left before the crack of dawn the next morning.
It was a fun few days and we loved being able to have FAMILY around.

When we got to the airport, we met up with one of our sisters who was on a visa run out of the ABC islands. She was on our flight and since we got home at almost midnight she stayed at the mission home. After a one day stay we were back on a plane to Tobago for the weekend. We flew standby and arrived just in time to witness 9 year old Josiah’s baptism (at the beach where Bo was baptized) and then were able to go out teaching with the elders. Dad interviewed Brother Murray for baptism. He is 89 years young and quite a golden investigator. He has lived 2 doors from the church for many years and had never been contacted. He passed his baptism interview with flying colors and is ready for his March 11th baptism.

Every day brings many blessings and miracles.
Love, Trini and Dad

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