Tuesday, June 6, 2017

April 24th, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

We are behind on our weekly emails due to some new stumbling blocks placed in our path that we are still trying to sort out. Sadly, we do not have control over the situation, so worrying doesn't get us very far.
Who would dream that the immigration process could get worse? We have 2 association bonds that sponsor the names of our Trinidad missionaries and guarantee their financial stability. The one that we are on,
is up for renewal and if the government does not approve the renewal of the bond by May 24th, we too,will have to leave Trinidad along with 6 of our missionaries. This presents some issues like, where do we relocate
the mission home and office? What other area in the mission can facilitate the location, flight paths, and member strength that we need for a mission headquarters? Etc Etc Etc Guyana has also revised their
immigration requirements and so the one country in our mission that used to be easy to get missionaries into, has now tightened its entrance gates. It must be the last days! We are experiencing many challenges,
but are still blessed to have the work move forward. We have just had the first elder and sister from Trinidad called to serve in our mission. The Missionary Department of the church is mindful and the Lord is now
calling locals to fill the void. 

We have just finished hosting a senior couple conference in Trinidad and are so grateful for the amazing senior couples that help this mission move forward. Sadly, we will be losing half of them by June, with no
one to replace them in the pipeline. We have such a testimony and love for senior couples and the sacrifices that they make to serve. Missions can not run without them...especially ones that are spread out over
1500 miles! Spread the word that we would love to have any interested couples contact us, who are thinking of serving.

We have been in Guyana all week for Zone Conferences, the reorganization of two branch presidencies, the consolidation of two branches into one and the formation of the Berbice Guyana District! It was a very 
busy weekend of interviews for Dad with all available Melchiizedek priesthood candidates.A new district will strengthen the 6 mission dependent branches and allow a little more autonomy for them to learn how to 
operate the church in preparation to become a Stake someday. There were 205 Saints that showed up Sunday morning! They are very excited to see the church grow and have their own priesthood help to preside.
Dad will still do temple recommends and certain priesthood advancements, but there will now be a District President on the ground that Dad can work through. It was a very spiritual meeting and everyone seemed
to be excited about the changes. 

We just landed in Trinidad an hour ago and are busy getting ready to turn around and fly to the ABC islands tomorrow, to do the last of Zone Conferences and return to prepare for transfers. Never a dull moment!
It will feel good to get one night in Trinidad at the mission home as our days are looking numbered.Thank you for your letters, instagrams, emails, texts and most of all your love. They make our day!

We love you,
Trini and Dad

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