Thursday, October 27, 2016

September 29th, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

We just returned from Zone Meetings and a Multi-Branch Conference in Berbice, Guyana.  We have 6 branches of the church there, that are spread out across the countryside. They vary as much as 2-4 hours from the capital of Georgetown. It is always exciting to travel the road to Berbice and try to avoid hitting cows, pigs, goats, chickens, donkeys and people. This trip there were also sugar cane fields being burned that filled the sky with smoke, as the crop is being prepared for harvest.

The conference was amazing. Over 200 people came to the Sunday Session and packed into the only church owned building in this area. The theme of the conference was "Love at Home." I told the members that my son Jon, used to say "There is beauty all around, when there's no one home!" It made them laugh.

The building was very hot, humid and full of the spirit. All of the participants on the program showed up and delivered their assignments beautifully. That was a miracle!  We met with missionaries and members and dad conducted interviews that had people lined up down the hall and into the foyer. 

The faces of the children tug at my heart. They are so reverent and beautiful to watch as they worship. I pray that they have food to eat when they get home. Life here is hard and "enduring to the end" is a difficult concept when you are "enduring day to day."

There is a young woman named Rianna who is going on a mission in November to England. Her mother was recently diagnosed with a tumor on her spine that has paralyzed her movement from the waist down at this point. We petitioned the Area Presidency for help with her surgical costs and just heard that it was approved. We are hoping that the removal of the tumor will give her the use of her legs again so she can operate the little shop she has outside her home. Rihanna has moved her mission date back a transfer to be able to help her with her recovery and physical therapy. We are so grateful for the generosity of the church. The family had raised some funds and a donation campaign was also helpful but the church made up the balance.  It is amazing to know only a fraction of what the church must do across the world to help others. This gospel is truly the epitome of charity.

We are grateful to play a part in the Savior's plan and bear testimony that He lives and loves each one of us. As we try to serve Him with all our heart, might, mind and strength, we are mindful of each of you and want you to know that your prayers sustain us as we do "hard things!"

We love you,
Trini and Dad

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