Monday, October 3, 2016

September 14th, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Mission Leadership Council was held with all senior couples, zone leaders and sister training leaders throughout the entire mission. We flew everyone into Trinidad and devoted our day to becoming more effective Preach My Gospel Missionaries.
Chapter 10 is titled How Can I Improve My Teaching Skills. Dad taught the section How To Begin Teaching 176-177. When we were in the MTC, a story was told about this particular section that Dad related to all our missionaries.

President Packer was asleep one night and woke up with several things on his mind. He was on the committee that helped to submit and critique certain portions of Preach My Gospel, but this particular evening he could not go back to sleep. So, he took a pen and began to write down everything that was on his mind. Then he went back to bed. 
The next day, he took the manuscript into the missionary department and told them about the experience and gave them a copy of every word as it came to him. They were happy to proof the submission and edit accordingly.

When the editing department returned the printed copy to Elder Packer, he read it and instructed them politely to revert to the original wording, as it had come "straight from God." His instruction was heeded and Chapter 10 remained as it has been received. Dad testified of the truthfulness of this section and encouraged each missionary to share with their investigators that "This is the most important message you will ever hear." 

Then, I spoke about our opportunity as a mission to create a flag of faith, a title of truth and a banner of righteousness. I compared it to the Hindu flags that are planted in all of my neighbors yards, signifying prayers to specific deities and the blessings and protection they hope for, through their faith. It was a stimulating and collaborative effort to create our mission "Title of Liberty." I am transferring it to fabric and displaying it so all my neighbors know what we pray for and have faith in. Thank you for a great idea Moroni!

After that, we had all of the senior couples share a little about themselves, along with their testimony. You could have heard a pin drop. What a great source of strength and dedication to the Lord. It was moving for many to share that they were converts, had not served a mission as a young man or woman and what a privilege it was to be in the service of the Lord now. I think they may have been the highlight of the conference. 

We are grateful for all of you and hope that you are enjoying a wonderful Fall!

We Love You,
Trini and Dad

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