Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 20th, 2016

Dear Family and Friends

We have just returned from a wonderful few days with Nic and his family in Curacao. We spent time laughing, crying, hugging and kissing. It was good to see the final family that has not been able to visit the mission until now. We spent most of the time in the sand and sun enjoying the beautiful turquoise water and playing with Luke and Paige. One day went went to Port Marie where Nic and Heather went on a dive with our senior couple, the Scott's while we snorkeled with the kids closer to the shore. We went to the Sea Aquarium and fed sharks, flamingos, and turtles. The touch tank was a hit as usual and who wouldn't want to kiss a dolphin. Luke wrote a book about Jonah the frog, that I am sure will be a best seller and Paige is growing up to be a beautiful mermaid. It was a treat to have just three days of a little down time to enjoy being with family. It was sad to see them go but we are very grateful they came.

We were also able to accomplish some mission responsibilities as we spoke in church and Dad had interviews and leadership training for the ABC Island District. We have come back to Trinidad for four days and are off again this afternoon for the beginning of our Zone Conference loop. At times it would be nice to sleep just a few more days in the bed at the mission home as it feels so good and we obviously can accomplish more when what we need doesn't have to be crammed  in a suitcase that is falling apart. 

We still face immense immigration struggles for entry into Trinidad and would appreciate your prayers. What started with 64 missionaries in Trinidad is now down to 36. We have 32 waiting on some governmental desk wrapped in bureaucratic red tape that we hope will someday be able to enter. In the meantime, they are serving stateside or have been sent to Guyana or the ABC Islands....even if they don't speak Spanish or Papiamento. The gift of tongues however is real and one of our English speaking sisters who arrived in Aruba 2 weeks ago, asked if she could just begin her 18 months over again with this completely different culture and people.

Stand in holy places and know you are in our prayers and hearts every minute of every day!

We love you very much,
Trini and Dad

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