Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 5th, 2016

Dear family and friends,

We got back from Guyana yesterday. It was a five day trip to hold zone meeting and interviews with the missionaries in Georgetown and Berbice. Dad also had temple recommend interviews in preparation for a temple trip to Manaus, Brazil at the end of the month. He was in interviews with the members for over 5 hours and was able to visit with almost 30 members preparing to go to the temple. Most of them are going with their families for the first time and they are so excited.  Some are flying part of the way and others are taking a 26 hour bus ride through the interior. Don't ever tell us it's too hard to fit in the temple.....we may beg to differ! We also held meetings with the youth and the YSA's to help them plan a youth conference and a YSA summer event. They are the future of the church and are really pretty amazing.

Life in Guyana is never dull, especially if you have a camera. We thought you might enjoy seeing market day. Dad took these shots on the way to Berbice at 6:30 in the morning. He was fascinated by the meat market so most of them are all about fresh turkey, chicken, pork, and goat. They prepare them roadside for you while you wait. People choose their favorite live chicken or duck and within minutes he is in your shopping bag. I didn't see any USDA stickers on the meat, so I was happy to move to the fruits and vegetables which are always beautifully arranged. 

We got home yesterday on the Fourth of July and thought, with a little homesickness, of all the many events commemorating America's birthday. Today we celebrated the "Fourth on the Fifth" with our missionaries at Sports Day followed by a BBQ. I brought hotdogs, potato salad, sweet beans, chips, watermelon and cookies. I took everything but the kitchen sink, but it was a good time shared by all. We are reminded daily of the fact that we are definitely not in America. But, we are trying to "Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood" in lands far from home to give them hope of a better life through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We love you all and hope you are having a fun summer!
Trini and Dad

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