Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 11th, 2016

Hello Family and Friends.

It has been an incredible week with many twists and turns trying to get to Aruba. We made the mistake of reading a flight plan wrong and arrived at 4:45 pm at the airport instead of 4:45 am and missed the entire flight to Aruba. We had to be there to conduct a zone meeting and to participate in the second Youth Conference ever for the youth from Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. There were no flights out the next day according to the online sites the mission uses, but I got online to Travelocity and found a one-way on multiple airlines that arrived in Aruba the next evening, just before Dad had to do a baptismal interview. It's a long story....but after arriving at the airport at 10 am and then missing our connection in Curacao because the flight was 2 hours late leaving Trinidad, we flew on the 9:00pm flight out of Curacao and ended up in Aruba by 10:30 pm. Only 14 hours do do what usually takes us 5. It took a lot of patience and some $$$$$ but it happened!

We had a great time with the missionaries in zone meeting and then prepared to attend the Youth Conference. The conference was on missionary work and Dad felt inspired that the youth needed to have a true missionary experience. We took our missionaries out to a vacant home that had been rented for the conference and they taught a 10 minute discussion on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They covered Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End! Then we split the 32 kids up into 8 groups of 4, each managed by a missionary and they taught each other. After the first round Dad had the supervising missionary of each group give some positive feedback and then one youth reported on what they LEARNED. Then we switched and the other companionship of youth taught. After they finished, Dad had another youth from each group talk about what they FELT as influenced by the spirit..who is the true teacher! WOW it was powerful. These kids bore incredible testimonies of what they felt while teaching the first four priniciples and ordinances  of the gospel. They were weeping uncontrollably. The veil was very thin and no one wanted to leave. Dad explained to them that they were receiving a witness of the spirit that the things that they just taught were true. Some of those kids had never experienced a feeling like that before. Others began to ask...."Can I speak?" It was an extremely spiritual experience for all of us. I felt like like I was standing in a little piece of heaven and I am pretty sure I was!

Then we left to go to a baptism of a darling woman named Filomena and a little boy named Jose. She was so happy to be getting baptized and bore testimony at her own baptism of her joy in joining the true church. Sunday we went to church in Oranjestad and San Nicolas and afterwards Dad was busy with 19 temple recommend interviews and Member District Meetings. We are hoping to sleep in until 7 tomorrow before we try to fly home to beat our 15 incoming missionaries to Port of Spain. Then we say goodbye to 10 this week who are headed home! 

OOPS! Plan B already in effect. Our flight to Trinidad was just canceled so therefore we won't be able to greet our missionaries tonight. We will now leave at 7 am tomorrow morning and arrive in Trinidad after orientation is supposed to start. Welcome to the reliable airlines of the Carribean. Because of the cancellation, we got to go to the hotel's island that is about 10 minutes away and take some pictures. We had to leave after about 30 minutes but we counted it as a great pday neveretheless.
Pray we are still standing by the end of the week,
We love you all,
Trini and Dad

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