Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 16th, 2016

Dear Family and friends,

Dad and I returned from the ABC islands last Monday, just in time to take care of a zone conference in Trinidad on Wednesday, and hop on a plane bound for Suriname Thursday evening. We have been in Paramaribo for the last 3 days enjoying zone conferences and interviews with our missionaries, meetings with members, teaching in the rain, and hopefully having one minute to eat a dutch pancake!

Right now, I am spending time in a classroom at the church trying to catch up on some emails while Dad is conducting temple recommend interviews.We have a leadership meeting and a fireside still to go before we head back to the hotel. The zone conferences have been on understanding the blessings of the temple and the missionaries seem to enjoy it. We hope they will realize how critical temple attendance is to their continued conversion, once they get home. Marissa taught us that!

It has been raining for the past two days and our bike riding missionaries are navigating large puddles as they proselyte. They are a great group of young people and have found out what it means to preach the word come "hell or high water!" Their bikes are halfway submerged! 

Today we went to church in a little branch in Koewarsan. It was in the country outside of Paramaribo. When we arrived at the church there was a box of kittens on the front doorstep. I think someone hoped the Primary would give a kitty to all the children who came. We did find homes for two, but there were still three when I left. It is hard to think about feeding animals when you can barely feed yourself. The people were so friendly and humble. Although it was in Dutch, I tried my best with Dad translating in one ear to understand what was going on. It was pretty funny when he started reading my English scriptures to me in English and said, "Do you understand what that means?" LOL :) 

We send our best wishes to all of you as you are wrapping up a school year soon and preparing for summer fun.
You are always in our thoughts and prayers,

Trini and Dad

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