Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 13th, 2016

Dearest Family and friends,

Carlos, who lives in Curacao, was really struggling in life. He had been brought up in a beautiful home,where his mother was a physician and he had obtained an excellent education. But for Carlos, something was missing. He believed in a God but didn't have an understanding of who God was. He also believed in Jesus Christ as far as knowing that he came to earth to show us a way to live. Carlos became discouraged and eventually depressed.He didn't know what to do and felt like he had done so many things wrong in his life. One day he googled "How do I repent?". The first site up was, and he was soon connected to missionaries on Temple Square. He was touched by what he learned about the atonement of Jesus Christ and expressed to the missionaries his desire to learn more. Now the story gets even better. A referral was sent to our mission office in Trinidad which was immediately sent to our missionaries in Curacao. Within 2 hours of Carlos request to learn more, two Elders were at his front door. Two months later your Mother and I just were in Curacao for meetings and the missionaries told me that Carlos was ready for baptism and asked if I could complete the baptismal interview. We went to his home with the missionaries and met him personally for the first time.His grandmother was visiting from Cuba and your mother spoke to her with the help of the Elders who we're able to translate the Spanish and English. Mom told her that she would learn more Spanish if she would listen to what the elders were teaching her grandson. Her baptism was last Saturday and I was able to be there. The next day when she was confirmed her grandson Carlos received the Melchizedek priesthood. It was a great weekend. I wish Mom could have been with me but there was only one ticket left on the plane and I had to be at meetings so I left her in Trinidad. 
We hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Springtime weather. It is one constant summer here!

Love, Dad and Trini

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