Monday, November 9, 2015

October 28th, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

What a crazy week this has been. We were in Guyana for most of the week. We had zone meetings and interviews with our missionaries in Georgetown and then headed for Berbice to do the same. Dad called a 20 year-old to be the new branch president of a congregation called Rose Hall. Right now, Elder Avondette has been acting as branch president for almost a year. (Sr couple) If he continues to lead, then they are happy to follow.But if we can call a local priesthood holder they learn to govern themselves and understand how to run the organization of the church. That has probably been the most difficult part of this mission.The lack of training that the leadership of the church has, had leads to confusion and personal interpretation. Especially when you consider that there are literacy issues that inhibit understanding as well. Many simply can not read. One of the branch president's sent us an email regarding his tithing contributions for the branch that read : (now with many spelling corrections)

Dear President Egbert,
I had no priesthood to help with the tithing at church today. I knew that I could not count the money by myself without two witnesses, so my wife and my 11 year old son watched me. I hope that was ok president. I had them sign their names on the paper as witnesses. I don't know if that was right or wrong but I hope that Heavenly Father will understand and accept the offerings.

We both just cried to see how humble and concerned he was about making things right in the sight of God. It was just one of the many tender moments we experience every week.
After meetings and  interviews there, we left at night to travel back to Georgetown. When the sun goes down, there is NO LIGHT! For two and a half hours Dad had a white knuckle drive back to Georgetown trying to avoid late night impaired drivers with their brights on, animals crossing the road and people out walking on the road,who are as dark as night itself. We will never make that night drive again! It would be so easy to run over something or someone.

We have arrived back in Trinidad and are home for two days before we begin preparing to attend the annual mission president's conference in the Dominican Republic next week.We are excited to be able to attend the temple and meet with the other president's of the Caribbean Missions, the Area Presidency and Elder Christiansen of the Presidency of the Seventy. Remember, he was the one that was with Elder Holland when we were set apart. So it will be wonderful to see him again.

Can't believe it is HALLOWEEN! Have fun trick-or-treating. 
Love, Trini and Dad

Dear Kids and grandkids,
Just wanted to update you on Dad and Papa. I'm afraid that the emails I sent have not arrived. He was in surgery for about and hour. The surgeon came out and said that everything went perfect with the procedure. Thank you for your prayers. He has a  bandage on his eye until tomorrow morning when we go in for his post op appointment and has been trying to rest since we got back to the hotel face down...a little harder than it sounds. But can you imagine your Dad in one place or position for very long? We love you so much and certainly believe in the power of prayer. 
Thank you again,
Mom and Dad
Papa and Grammy

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