Monday, November 9, 2015

November 7th, 2015

Dear family and friends,

We have now been in the Dominican Republic for almost two weeks. We came here originally to attend a mission president's conference for four days but ran into some unexpected difficulties. The night before we left for the trip, Dad was playing the piano and noticed that there was a circular shadow right in the center focal point of his eye. Being a migraine sufferer, he thought he'd better try to sleep it off but it was still there the next morning. When we arrived in Panama on the layover to the DR, he couldn't see much at all through his left eye. We landed in the DR at 1 in the morning and went to the hotel and were in bed by 3 am. The next morning we were able to go to the Santo Domingo Temple with all the other mission presidents and wives from the Caribbean. When we finished the session and were having lunch at the temple, Dad conferred with two members of the Area Presidency who are also doctors. They both had some connections with opthomologists in the city and we were able to be seen that day. Dad was diagnosed with a Vitreo Macular Adhesion. It required surgery and they happened to have a space available the next morning. After Dad consulted with friends of his in SLC at the Moran Eye Center, he felt like he could get it done here. We were very impressed with the doctor. He had attended Duke and Emery for his schooling and had begun an eye institute in Santo Domingo where he taught 12 residents a year. The surgery was textbook and we were very blessed to have been here in the DR because we would have never been able to get it done in Trinidad with the medical care there. Because they placed a bubble of air in the back of his eye, between the tissues for healing, we have had to wait until it dissipates before we can fly home due to pressure changes. So he has had dark glasses on and his head down for 12 days checking out everyone's shoes and trying to be patient.
We have definitely felt the prayers of family and missionaries alike. We have been staying in a senior apt on the temple grounds and the MTC campus. We have had 3 meals a day and LOVE rice, beans and meat! Everyone has been so kind.
These trials of faith have been a tender reminder of the fact that He knows us individually and by name.

We have been able to go to the temple three times and that has been a huge blessing. It has made us appreciate and feel the blessings of being an eternal family. We are very ready to get back to our missionaries as we have missed a transfer of 6 incoming missionaries but at least no outgoing. Somehow nothing has fallen completely apart, but it is really hard to do this job when you are in a different country. 

We actually got out of the apartment yesterday and were able to visit the tomb of Christopher Columbus and the oldest church in the Americas. We were taken by the MTC president and his wife. It was really nice to get some fresh humid air.We are praying for the bubble to burst asap so that we can be ready to go throughout the mission again for zone conferences which start on Tuesday. Please keep us in your prayers. We have definitely learned why PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.

We love and appreciate all that you for us and each other.

We Love You...
Trini and Dad 

Dad still numb after surgery..therefore the funny grin
Columbus's tomb
Oldest church in the Americas
Flowers on a building I loved 
Santo Domingo Temple

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