Monday, October 12, 2015

October 5th, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been another lazy week in the Caribbean...sipping a pina colada with our toes tickling the sand....NOT! We have been in Tobago for the last 3 days helping train  the branch president and enjoying conference weekend with the members and our missionaries. We had pretty good reception for the majority of the sessions and are hoping to fill in the blanks when we get back to Trinidad today. It was a great recharging of the spiritual batteries and as usual an incredible testimony builder. I love the people of this small branch and admire their faith and dedication amidst some pretty challenging circumstances. Most had to choose whether to attend the Saturday or the Sunday session due to the expense of travel from their homes etc. The picture this week is of Sister Cupid! I idolize her. She has been the Relief Society president for years and is the lady that runs the fishmarket by the beach. She is the #1 missionary for the island and practices everyday what she preaches. Her example is contagious and she is a Saint in my book. We only have 2 missionaries serving on the island right now and hope to get two more over here soon. Well, not much more to say other than how much we love and appreciate you all. Put what you learned in conference to the test. There were so many inspiring suggestions and council given. What a blessing to have a living prophet and to know that he speaks with God for the welfare of mankind. Have a wonderful week. we are getting ready to board our flight in just a minute. Glad that it only takes 20 minutes to get home to Trinidad!
Hugs and Kisses OXOXOXO  
Trini and Dad


Tobago sunrise
 Conference with the branch
 Sister Cupid
First banana harvest

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