Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 22, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry to send our weekly email two days late. We know that you wait at home with baited breath to see what in the world we are up to. This week was spent in the ABC islands. We began in Curacao, which may be my favorite of the three. We walked along the sea dike and then took a ferry over to the other picturesque side of the harbor where there were market vendors selling fish, fruits, and veggies. Along the way, we saw iguanas and hermit crabs out for their morning walk as well. We spent the rest day with our two elders there. They enjoyed interviews with dad, lunch on us, and then we taught three lessons with them. One of the young men that we taught shared the story of his conversion. He said that he had fallen into a deep depression and wondered if God even knew who he was anymore because of his choices. He googled "How can I repent?" Up came Carlos chatted with some missionaries online and they asked if he would like to have some representatives come to his door and answer his questions. He said yes. Then the missionaries in SLC called the mission home and our mission secretary gave the referral to the missionaries in Curacao and they were at this door within two hours. He said that was a miracle. Six weeks later Dad was giving him a baptism interview. He's an amazing young man and can't wait for his baptism. Then we were off to Aruba where we had 4 elders to visit and interview as well as look for two new missionary apartments. By the time we checked out the available apartment choices, took the four of them to lunch and then interviewed we were out of time and back at the airport headed for Bonaire. That little desert island has my heart too. We began Sunday at church by singing the opening song in 4 languages...Dutch, Spanish, English and Papiamento...ALL AT THE SAME TIME! It made me cry to hear so many cultures represented and sung at the top of their lungs! Then Dad and I were asked to spontaneously speak. I had an interpreter and Dad needed an interpreter for the interpreter because he kept switching from English to Dutch to Spanish...and then he finished up with his testimony in Papiamento! His poor brain is just on overload!
Anyway, church was great. The people are so friendly and feel so blessed to have the gospel. We had dinner that afternoon with the senior couple on the island and then interviewed the trio of sisters serving there. Dad had temple recommend interviews at the church later that evening and I went with the sisters to teach. The next morning we took the senior couple to breakfast and then took a tour of part of the island we had never been to before. We saw dive locations, a flamingo sanctuary and lots of cactus! We hope that you have all had a great week. Thank you for the picture of the kids in their Halloween costumes, they looked awesome.  

We love you all!
Trini and Dad
Primary in Bonaire
 Look out for divers sign
 Dive site
 Flamingo sanctuary
 Dutch style apartments

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