Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12th, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm sitting in bed...yes in bed, writing this email because we didn't go to bed until 3:45 this morning. We flew in late last night to Suriname and had tons to do before going to sleep. Emails to write to 50 + missionaries, emergencies to handle like a break-in, a melt down, a medical emergency etc. It just never stops. We thought that if we stayed up long enough we might catch up. But of course we woke up with plenty to do. When we got on the plane last night we sat right in front of a couple from Ogden that asked if we were misionaries. Dad said yes, I am a mission president in this area. He then asked "Do you know William and Verna Egbert?" Dad responded "Yes I do, they are my parents." They were Dr Matis and his wife who were on a vacation to check off more of the countries in the world that they had never been to. He was also Grandma Egbert's orthodontist and his wife, Nadine, was in a book club and knew and loved Grandma. It's a SMALL WORLD! They stayed at the Marriott with us and then we had breakfast together. They have served missions together and love to travel. She is a psychologist for the church and is busy still helping missionaries with different issues.

Saturday we went to a baptism in Point Fortin at the beach. Robert was a very prepared investigator that the sisters found and have been teaching for 6 weeks. The pictures that we have attached is worth a thousand words and I hope you can see the pure joy on their faces. Not a dry eye.Then we went to the confirmation of Isabel on Sunday in San Fernando. She is from Venezuela and speaks only Spanish. A returned missionary in the ward who spoke Spanish confirmed her. Dad and I were invited to speak since the meeting was running short and Dad bore a powerful testimony in Spanish to her of the special gift that she had just received. It was awesome to see the gift of tongues at work. It is hard to believe sometimes that we have only been here three and a half months. So many experiences that would already fill a book. We feel blessed to have this challenging opportunity and are trying to serve Him with all our heart, might, mind and strength. We could not do this without your love and prayers and want you to know we can feel your sustaining presence !

Tight hugs and tender kisses to you all!
Trini and Dad

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