Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 6th, 2015

Dear Family,

I feel like this week we have been in the eye of a tornado. Such an incredibly crazy week but somehow always protected by the Lord. Elder Martinez of the Second Quorum of the Seventy and his wife have been here with us for the past week. We have been to Suriname for conferences there with the missionaries and members and now we have just finished the 4 zone conferences here in Trinidad. They left yesterday to visit the Tobago branch for Sunday meetings with the members and we stayed in Trinidad to speak at Stake Conference. They will be back tomorrow morning and then we will leave for Guyana and the ABC islands for the same conferences there. It is always great to see the missionaries. They love to be spoiled with some cooking and hugs and I am happy to oblige. Dad is in his element too and we are trying to do our best. It has been wonderful to rub shoulders with a general authority. Elder Martinez and his wife have been a lot of fun to get to know.

It is has been interesting to learn more about the quorum of the seventies. Thought you might like to know that:
1--The first and second quorums are general authorities whose callings are full time.
2--The first quorum serves until they reach the age of 70 and then they are released as emeritus members
3--The second quorum serves 6 years in whatever areas of the world they are needed and then released
4---Quorums 3-8 serve for three years and live at home, are employed in their regular careers, and are basically weekend warriors who handle stake and regional issues for the church.
General elections take place tomorrow in Trinidad and we have been told it could get crazy. There are basically 2 parties but since the elections are only every 5 years things can get heated. The campaigning has been noisy with loud speakers and music but the votes are cast tomorrow and then supposedly the craziness starts. Those that are happy about change in government and those that aren't. We have ear plugs but that probably won't cut it as we heard that they will party/riot all night once the results are in. We will keep you posted. The music stopped at about 2 this morning. 

What are you doing for Labor Day? The pool is in its last month of operation before a long winter's nap. Hope you have had fun using it! We miss the hot dogs and the homemeade ice cream. I won't eat a hot dog in Trinidad...it might have a dog in it! But I have found Haagen Das available and so I am at peace. We have found milk for $7 a half gallon...and we buy it anyway. When elders come and see chocolate milk in our frig it is gone in a heartbeat.
We are enjoying teaching with the missionaries and getting to know the members and investigators. Six of us were on the porch under a dim light teaching the restoration and we couldn't even see the scriptures to read them. I pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight so the 11 year old could read. He was so excited to read and could pronounce everything so well. He brought the spirit to the lesson the minute he began reading. When we left he wanted to make sure that we were coming back soon. Dad gave him a bookmark for his scriptures and you would have thought that we gave him a $10 bill. The appreciation they have for such little things makes me feel so grateful for the countless things I have. Please know how blessed you are to have each other and the gospel. Family is so important and if we find an intact family in the Caribbean it is a rarity. So appreciate each other everyday!

We love you to pieces and can't wait to see you. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We will talk to you later.
Trini and Dad 

Mission home caterpillar  
Trinidad zone conference
 The Francom's Their farewell is in the Lindon 6th ward on Sept 20th
 Zone conference in Suriname

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