Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 13th, 2015

Hola, Bon Dia, Mornin' Mornin', Goeden Dag, Hello....

We are back home...at least our home away from home in Trinidad. It was a wonderful mission tour with Elder and Sister Martinez and we both headed out this morning from Guyana.  It was a constant race to be in one airport after another with sometimes only a sprint between connections. But we were determined to try to keep up with the schedule despite the Caribbean airlines laid back attitude with regards to timeliness. We are a bit tired but enjoyed seeing our missionaries again and the members as well as getting to know the Martinez's. She was a pediatrician, lawyer and entrpreneur and he was a family doctor, investor and now a general authority. Not a bad combo. They are so intelligent, spiritual and funny! Sister Martinez is probably all of 5 feet but what a firecracker of a personality. Dad and Elder Martinez were busy training the leaders interviewing and and of course we all spoke at every location through out the mission. The people and places are so interesting and diverse. Of course I have to try all the food. I've basically eaten my way through the mission, because you have to be polite and try everything. The children are beautiful and so friendly. I talked about the importance of Members and Missionaries working together. M&M a great combination...as I showed a package of M&M's.....and proclaimed the Member and Missionary duo as the sweetest teaching tool we have for our investigators. Chocolate wakes up everybody! Dad has been running a marathon between leaders, members and missionaries. But no one is better at checking off a list of to dos than Dad.

We hope that you are all doing well and that the kids are back enjoying school and friends and a busy weekly schedule. Thank you for taking good care of each other and filling in the blanks that we wish we were there to take care of. We feel very blessed to have so many THINGS. Things that we take for granted that really in the scheme of things don't matter. Most importantly we are grateful for all of you and appreciate your love, prayers and support. We love you so much and are so grateful for the opportunity we have to be a forever family. Many hugs and kisses headed your way!

Trini and Dad

Aruba Zone Conference --- Church sign in Papiamento 
 Aruba Hotel beach walk
 Future Guyana missionary Lushaun

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