Monday, August 3, 2015

July 26th, 2015

Hello everyone! We know that is actually the 29th but we plan on having you receive our weekly email on Monday so we had to post date this week's letter. How are you? We are actually going to be in one place (Trinidad) for 10 days before we are off to Tobago, the ABC islands, Suriname etc. again. Saturday we went to the baptism of sister Suzie in Cueva. Dad had the opportunity of teaching her with the elders two weeks ago.The Cueva branch baptismal font was outside the church building and so sister Suzie had to climb up stairs and then climb down stairs into the font.
The special musical number was a missionary quartet singing How Great Thou Art. After her baptism they had open mic testimony time. The missionaries and Dad and I bore our testimony followed by Sister Suzie. She did an amazing job. The next day she was confirmed at her little branch and the members were the picture perfect fellowshippers. The spirit in the meetings is contagious...I wish you were all here to feel it! 
Tonight we ate our first avocado off the tree in the yard.It's a different variety but pretty good all the same. It was us or the birds and this time we won! Bananas are still growing and the mangos are about ready for the second picking. We love hearing from you so give us a quick hello when you get our email. Love the instagram posts of the kids and the chance to Skype. Keep the faith...
Trini and Dad

I'm not sure why your mom was concerned about flying from island to island. These planes are great!

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