Monday, August 3, 2015

July 24th, 2015

Dear Family.....

Wow!!!!! the last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind as we have traveled to meet all our missionaries and members in Trinidad -Tobago- Aruba- Bonaire -Curacao- Suriname and Guyana. I now realize how diverse this mission is. With four languages dialects, different currencies, immigration laws etc there has been much to learn. But everywhere we have gone we have been blessed with great missionaries and members, as well as very interesting food and culture. We have attended a wedding, some baptisms, eaten curry curry curry, and tried to keep the mosquitoes at bay. It has been warm and humid but not overbearing. The few times in the day that we have AC are a blessing. My hair is always trying out new styles on its own and I have pretty much embraced it! The Saints are amazing but so young in the gospel. They need help to administer more than minister. They are quite helpful with the missionary effort and are so loving. Everyone greets with a huge hug most often followed by a cheek kiss.
On our travels we taught with our missionaries in every country. Dad met a woman outside the church in Curacao that had walked early to church so she wouldn't be late. She was in the parking lot waiting for someone to arrive when we pulled up in the car. Dad spoke to her in Spanish and hers sounded different. She said she was from Suriname and they began to speak Dutch. After church she approached him crying and saying that she had prayed for 18 years that someone would speak Dutch from the pulpit. It was a neat experience. I have loved teaching with the sisters...they are so critical to missionary work. They just have such a special witness to share and do it boldly. It's fun to be part of the work! We have met some people with ties to Utah that I'm pretty sure aren't a coincidence! The first investigator that we taught in Aruba was the cousin of Romanita who had been teaching Dad Papimiento.The second connection was the Avondet's  a senior couple whose father leased land to Gpa Egbert for the horses that Dad grew up with in Ogden. Dad said he looked just like his Dad did. So they chatted about hauling feed and water etc. and then we met the Van de Veer's in Bonaire whose brother baptized Dad's Dutch study buddy, Mr Bloem in SLC. Anyway the world gets very small in the church sometimes. All in all the first 3 weeks has great but tiring. There are just so many things that we want to accomplish so we decided that had better get on a schedule and try to stick to it. We receive our first set of missionaries on August 11th so that will be a crazy week. They are here in the mission home for a day and a half and then leave on assignment just as those who are going home come into the mission home for dinner and their last interview. Just wish that I had a Smiths nearby because fresh food and refrigerated milk, like I'm used to, can be difficult to find if you don't arrive on the day of the shipment. Speaking of shipment we just had ours delivered today. So the 5 outfits that Dad and I have been continuously wearing will get a little break! Life is good Mahn! We be trying to be goo! They drop the begins and ending of many words but we are getting the Trini talk down. We send all our love to you and  want you to know you are in our prayers.
Love and Blessins,
Trini and Dad

Here are some pics of the last 2 weeks adventures:

Lily---3 feet tall all over Guyana

Bonaire---baptism sight

Sister missionaries---- in Suriname on bikes

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