Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 17th, 2015

Dear Family,

Whew!!! It was our first transfer this week. We had 16 coming and 9 leaving. I tried to cook 7 meals in a row for the transfer missionaries and I'm still standing. Let's just say that I can see why the previous mission president's wife chose to cater it! It was really great saying hello and goodbye...tearful on both ends actually. Homesick to leave and homesick to return. Lots of mixed emotions. We wrapped the transfers up on Thursday and then left Friday for Guyana. We have been here to select a new branch president and check on our missionaries. Dad is out teaching with a companionship now and we are planning on taking the zone out to lunch tomorrow. It has been hot and very humid here but the people are amazing....Always greeting you with a kiss on the cheek and treating you like you are a celebrity. I taught RS today because the teacher didn't show up. There were just 8 of us and it went well. I think they enjoy being asked questions and what their opinion is. When the church is still in its infancy many teachers are reading the lesson because they don't want to get anything wrong. Dad played the organ in one of the only buildings that even has one. I think the congregation was surprised to have organ accompaniment. We have learned that we always need to have a lesson ready to teach and a talk ready to give. But that allows us an opportunity to share our testimonies and invite them to help using the work. This is a calling that never has a list that gets crossed off...just added to. We feel very blessed to serve these missionaries and members and know that this is where we are supposed to be right now. It is hard to be away from those you love but somehow the Lord fills the void with rich experiences that help you know you are needed here more. We love the missionaries and the members and enjoy being a part of the growth of the church. We love hearing from you and getting pictures of the most beautiful grandchildren on the planet. We miss you and can't wait to hear what is going on back home.

Love Trini and Dad

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