Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10th, 2015

Dear Family,
It was a very busy week as usual. When we travel our favorite part is to teach with the elders and sisters. We were in Tobago last Monday and Tuesday and were able to teach several lessons. One of the standouts was on the beach with a fisherman named Bertram. He is a 6 foot 6 tall drink of water that the elders hoped could improve their basketball team. It started out that way at least and now he has had 4 lessons.

As we got to the beach there was a family vacationing in Tobago, that had bought fish at the roadside market from our Relief Society president Sister Cupid, who owns the stand. They were Muslim and were enjoying the company of Sister Cupid and her boys. She pays the young men to fish for her and then fillets the catch of the day and bags them for her customers. We had a very interesting conversation about religion and really enjoyed their company. They said that they would love to talk again sometime and would let the missionaries in for a drink and talk more about the gospel when they saw them again in Trinidad. They had caught some lobsters in a trap and were roasting them over rocks, wood chips and a chicken wire grill. Of course we tried some. It was good but my mouth and tongue started to itch so I decided since I didn't have my epi-pen I would stop the feast. Dad loved it and even posed for a great picture.

We checked out a couple of beaches on Tuesday that were nice and then headed back to Trinidad for a busy week of incoming/outgoing missionaries. We have 9 leaving and 16 coming. Then we head to Guyana to set apart a new branch presidency and to spend time getting to know our members and missionaries better. I drove today for the first time on the wrong side of the car and road...on purpose! They drive on the left side of the road . It's a different perspective.
We love you all and pray you are happy and healthy.

Blessins' maan

Trini and Dad

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